Best of 2018 : Reflecting on the Pretty Squares

Reflecting back on 2018 I am so proud of the growth this little brand has accomplished. I feel comfort in the direction the business is going and foundation I’ve built to continue on this home loving journey.

Best of home decor trends

The biggest change was and is breaking through the box of just being “modern farmhouse” to “all things home”. My style as well as yours is always evolving. I like to pull from many design inspirations to make my home feel gathered rather than picked out of a catalog styled by someone else.

Home trends

Sometimes I like boho colorful styles and other days I want more of a neutral modern vibe. I am currently very infatuated with Scandinavian design but I am mixing it with my farmhouse pieces.

Home trends

The point is our homes are a reflection of us and we don’t just fit into one design style box. There are no rules except you should always love what you have in your home. If you don’t love it get rid of it!

Home trends

I have been so lucky to work with an amazing group of influential women through instagram. Seeing how they style the dotted bow products is pure joy.

Home decor trends

Home decor trends

Photo by: Kristen @REVIVAL.FARMHOUSE

Featuring: Gray Buffalo Check Pillow


Featuring: I Dream of Fall Wood Sign

Home decor trends

Photo by: Tiffany @MYGREYSKYEHOME

Featuring: Painted Farmhouse Pillows


Featuring: I Dream of Fall Wood Sign

Home decor trends


Featuring: Striped Farmhouse Pumpkin


Featuring: Farmhouse pumpkins

Home decor trends


Featuring: Black and White Buffalo Check Pillow

Photo by: Amanda @ARK.110

Featuring: I Dream of Shiplap Farmhouse Pillow

Home decor trends

Photo by: Cynthia @CYNTHIA_HARPER_

Featuring: Several Pillows

Photo by: Suri @ROOZEN.ABODE

Featuring: Farmer’s Market Wood Sign

Home decor trends

I also partnered with several companies to incorporate their products into my home. Being on this side of the business was challenging with the pressure to get the perfect picture. These experiences pushed me to be creative in my own home styling while learning more about the unbelievable photo editing tools available in free apps!

I am so thankful for everyone who has visited this blog, the Etsy shop and who follows along through social media. Your likes and comments make the tough days better and the good days great because running a small business is far from easy.

2018 has had some pretty squares. I’d love to hear what your favorites are. Please leave me a comment or question below.

Goodbye 2018!



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