Modern Bathroom Barn Door

Showering in a bathroom without a door is very airy. Putting makeup on early in the morning for work with just the light of a makeup mirror is not ideal. We dreamed of a solution for years to add a sliding barn door to our master bathroom. When Sawmill Designs reached out to partner with us we couldn’t believe it was real!

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Painted bathroom floors

Sawmill Designs creates beautiful custom barn doors as well as other wood accents like wood beams and wood wall treatments. They have a variety of woods, finishes and barn door designs to fit any style of home decor.

Wood samples barn door design

The first step in the design process is selecting a barn door color. I ordered several samples to see what went with my style, complemented our existing bathroom cabinets and would match our new wood laminate flooring.

Natural oak bathroom

Although I had my mind set on a black barn door it was love at first sight when I laid eyes on the natural oak wood sample. It was just perfect for our space.

Now that we had chosen a color the hardest part was now choosing a barn door style. Sawmill Designs has so many options. We were looking for a modern barn door and landed on Rochelle. The Rochelle barn door has a gorgeous x pattern that is just a showstopper. We debated on choosing a simpler more minimal barn door but in the end we couldn’t get Rochelle out of our heads.

Modern barn door

Sawmill Designs website has a wealth of information and an easy checkout but they are also super helpful and hands on if you need to talk to someone before ordering.

A few tips before ordering your barn door.

-You will want to order your barn door to be about 2” wider and taller than your doorway to ensure it covers the opening.

-The track should be at least double your door width.

-If you have moulding and/or trim you might need a header board. (We used a 1×4 cut at the same length as the track)

-Check to see where your wall studs are located. If your studs are not at 16” apart you might end up needing a header board as well.

-You will need help installing the door it is not a one person job.

-You will need basic tools like a tape measure, drill and a socket wrench.

-You will need to use a router on the bottom of your door to create a groove for the floor track.


Bathroom renovation home upgrade


Natural oak barn door

I hope you find this post helpful especially if you are considering adding a barn door in your home. You can check out all of the amazing offerings from Sawmill Designs on their website and use my code THEDOTTEDBOW for 10% off your purchase.

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