DIY Winter Wall Art

I have this thing with wrapping paper…. I buy it even when I don’t need it because it’s just so darn pretty! Christmas wrapping paper is too pretty to only enjoy for one day before it’s ripped to shreds so I decided to frame it!

I used my first inexpensive white IKEA frames and got busy cutting up my fabric wrapping paper prints. The key is to use coordinating patterns and colors to create a cohesive holiday gallery.


Wrapping Paper ( Falala paper, Tree paper)




Use the insert of your frame to measure and cut the wrapping paper to size.

If you are using the IKEA frame like the ones I used you can fold the wrapping paper over the cardboard insert and tape. Make sure to wrap the insert tightly so the wrapping paper doesn’t bunch or wrink once inside the frame.

Put the wrapped cardboard back into the frame and there you have instant winter wall art!

You can easily use this DIY for other holidays and also with pretty fabrics. Mix and match patterned art with family photos and store bought art for a truly curated gallery special to you.

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