Magic in her dreams + a head filled with whimsy

Our little girl just celebrated her first birthday! I cannot believe how fast the first year of motherhood went and how much growth happens in the first year of life. It is truly an amazing experience seeing a newborn turn into a tiny human. I began decorating our spare room/ guest room when I was pregnant but didn’t make it past the rug and painting the walls. After Avri was born we decided cosleeping was the perfect fit for our family so “her” room just became a space to store her clothes. (Read this post for my Mommy must have for cosleeping). So a year later we have a more complete space for Avri to play in and eventually call her own but it is still functioning as a guest room too.


I started the inspiration for the space with this rug from Urban Outfitters. I originally saw it on one of my favorite IG friends feeds @Roozen.abode

I designed the entire space off of the rug. I wanted it to be playful, whimsical, boho and modern.

What I love most about the rug is it has washed so well! I’ve washed it at least 20 times because it’s a hot spot for our fur babies to puke on. The colors haven’t faded, it’s maintained it’s shape and size and it still looks new.


We started off painting the walls a light gray so that it would be a neutral color allowing me to change the decor easily without having to paint again. This was the first time I used the Valspar VOC paint and I’m hooked! There is little to no odor, paints textured walls easily and in most cases only needs two coats.

I majorly struggled deciding on and finding window coverings with such a bold printed rug. The plain drapes were too plain and the fringe drapes I loved were just way to expensive. I decided to do the dropcloth curtain DIY I’d seen all over Instagram and Pinterest as a temporary solution until I really knew what I wanted. All you need to do is pick up some drop cloths from your local hardware store (grabbed these from Lowe’s) and these curtain clips from Target. So easy!

Above the bed I hung a macrame garland from a local maker, Macramania. This added texture to the wall and gives the boho vibe I was wanting in the space. The stuffed unicorn head adds in the whimsy while the acrylic signs keep it sleek and modern.


We purchased the IKEA daybed many years ago as a space saving way to have a guest room in a small space. When the bed is pulled out it fits two twin mattresses and is equivalent to a king size bed. It’s great for visiting guests. The one thing I don’t like is that the mattresses have to stack on top of each other rather than one being hidden while it’s not in use. The other kind of annoying thing is it’s difficult to pull out by yourself. I have a few different ideas on hacking this IKEA piece I hope to complete over summer break.

The bedding we received from Beddys is hands down genius! I personally want nothing to do with making any bed so getting Beddys for the guest room and future “big girl” room has made my life so much easier. The entire bedding is one piece that’s fits onto the mattress like a fitted sheet! Seriously amazing! It took me seconds to make the bed!!! Not only is it super convenient the fabric is such high quality and so soft. I love the bold black and white dash print mixed with complementary dotted pillow cover. Learn more about Beddys beds here.

The cover zips open kind of like a sleeping bag except it can be detached and used like a regular comforter. Then just zip it all back together for made the bed look!

The dash print is playful for a little girls room but still sophisticated enough to welcome our guests. It’s really tied the room together and made it feel finished. Plus it’s only one piece to throw in the washer and put back on the bed!

Carrara Marble: Home Style X Mommy Must-Have

Carrara marble countertops with a waterfall edge… um yes please! The beautiful white and grayish marble we’ve been seeing on HGTV, Instagram and Pinterest has a lot of us swooning for those sparkling white or high contrast modern kitchens. But this marble trend is popping up in more than just the kitchen you can find marble print textiles to enjoy that same luxurious vibe.

Our daughter, Avri, just received her upgraded big girl bed from Dockatot in their new Carrara Marble print.

It’s super stylish, super functional and literally hands down my personal number one mommy must have.

She’s been co-sleeping with us in her Dockatot Deluxe since she’s come home from the hospital. Our Dockatot was exactly what our family needed for convenient nighttime feedings, bonding and peace of mind.

Avri also loves it! She has slept through the night since she was 3 months old. It is also very convenient to take to Grandma’s house while I am at work during the week. She can have the same comforts of sleeping in her bed anywhere she goes. It was great for traveling we were able to fit it in a suitcase and slept soundly with our little one wherever we were.

As a mom I wanted my baby to be safe and comfortable when I was choosing a bed. My initial plan was more traditional, a bassinet followed by a crib. When my husband and I talked about sleeping arrangements his view was he wanted to keep the baby in our room for as long as possible. So although I was hesitant about co-sleeping at first it turned out to be the perfect fit for our family. Being right next to my newborn baby and seeing all her silly sleeping faces was priceless.

Having her Mom and Dad right next to her has given her so much love and comfort. I wouldn’t change a thing about co-sleeping except maybe a bigger bed… can you really ever have too much bed!

The other benefit for me about Dockatot was the covers for the bed. They are washable and very high quality. Our cover has been washed numerous times over 9 months and still looks like new.

The prints and colors available in the covers are beautiful. I am a mom who likes baby things to not be an eyesore in my house. I try to keep the gear as neutral as possible because inevitably it’s going to be all over the house. So for me it was important that her bed was also aesthetically appealing and matched our home style in a neutral color pallete.

Now all that’s left is a DIY toddler bed frame to fit the new Dockatot Grand and to figure out which fur sibling will win the fight for the old Dockatot.

Avri is so excited about her big girl bed and so are her Mommy & Daddy!

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